New ECUIS committee elected

May 31, 2009

Following a meeting held on Sunday 31st May 2009, the following members were elected to the commitee.

1. President – Syed Arshad Raza
2. Vice President – Abdul Qayyum
3. Secretary – Huda Minhaj (pending acceptance)
4. Treasury – vacant
5. Public Relations Officer – Abdul Qadir
6. Events Coordinator – Mohamed Ali

Congratulations to all. May Allah increase and grant you all success in your future endeavours.


New Committee Required

May 7, 2009

It has become more necessary than ever to form a new committee to control the affairs of ECUIS. The original committee has long since disbanded in 2007 and ECUIS has been in caretaker mode with most of its former activities in limbo ever since.

The musallah in the Joondalup campus is operating efficiently,  albeit independantly. This is thanks to some interested and active brothers and sisters. Some of them are brothers Abdul Aziz, Irshaad, and Wahid just to name a few.

In the Mt Lawley campus, the situation is very disappointingly different. The musallahs are largely unkempt both the womens and mens. Furthermore the ML facilities are urgently in need of new furniture and monitoring.

What needs to be done is a meeting held to appoint or elect new members for the committee in order to manage both the facilities. It would be better to have a common body supervise both musallahs as there is a shortage of interested persons. Sister Hajira from the Mt Lawley campus is interested in activating the society and its function especially within Mt Lawley.

Rather then re-invent the wheel, it would be good idea to meet with interested members for a brief on the process.

Some of the things that could be achieved by an active executive committee are the following:

1. Affiliation to the guild which brings with it funding and free resource usage such as meeting rooms, lecture halls etc.

2. Improved  and upgraded facilities for the musallahs

3. Advocacy for all muslim students.

4. Activities

5. Community representation

All interested parties should contact me in order to convene a meeting to appoint or elect a new committee. All positions are vacant.

Yunous Vagh

former president ECUIS



Jumah Salaat and Congregation at Joondalup campus

May 6, 2009

Please note that Jumah prayers is being held on an ongoing basis every Friday at the Joondalup musallah. The khutbah is currently conducted by students.

The turnout so far has been very encouraging and is convenient for students or locals who have difficulty getting to a masjid in the short time allocated.
Khutbah commences at 1.00pm and prayer commences at 1.20pm.

For further details and confirmation of start and end times please contact brother Abdul Aziz on 0407370542, brother Arshad or brother Wahid. Contact details will be provided when confirmed.


Return of the Exiles: Not if, but when – a billion person campaign.

February 6, 2009


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيم

Not long ago someone sent me an email that detailed the illustrious achievements of the Jews and asked for Muslims to wake up. Coming at the time when Palestinians were being massacred by the Zionists, I felt loath to emulate them in any form.

It struck me that they have indeed lost their humanity and explains why so many of them rush off to India for therapy seeking absolution and desiring distance from their dastardly and heinous deeds. It is only a matter of time before even inanimate objects like stones will curse their acts.

Certainly we as a nation have lost a lot and have become exiles whether it be geographically, mentally, spiritually emotional or otherwise. The attached request is an attempt at restoring our dignity and honour.

I thought perhaps, if we utilise our collective energies, something can be achieved. The proposal if followed, would only consume 1-4 minutes of our lives, and is a way of restoration, I believe.

 In order to achieve the billion person target, I humbly request that you pass this on and perform the request on the specified day.  However, if for any reason you wish not to, your decision is respected.



Tree of Prophets & Messengers

January 28, 2009


This is the tree of the prophets and the messengers. It will clarify their ancestry. Click on the link to check it out properly… treeprophetsmessengers


The English Language Growth Project

October 30, 2008

All international university students whose first language is NOT english are invited to participate in research that will be used to identify and design strategies that will assist their english language skills.

The research is in the form of questionnaires, focus group participation, interviews and discussion boards. All collected data will be kept confidential and private details will be de-identified to maintain annonymity to researchers. As an incentive all participants will be given an entry into a competition for the prize of an i-POD nano 8GB (one per university).

Interested persons should complete the online questionnaire at www.elg.edu.au

Furher queries may be directed to Denise Mulligan at denise.mulligan@calt.monash.edu.au or Professor Rhonda Oliver from ECU at rhonda.oliver@ecu.edu.au


New Items

October 28, 2008

Assalaamu alaykum wrtwbt,

Some new items have been added to the website. 

On the Main Menu an item called What is Islam? This article describes Islam as a way of life. It came about from a request for an interfaith camp involving different religious groups.

Within the downloads category, the new item is the Quran Reciter Software which is free Quran, Hadith and Azaan software from the SearchTruth organisation.