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Multi-Clutural Week’s Events for Perth Universities

October 1, 2007

Wednesday 3rd October – International Film Festival – Edith Cowan University:

Catch some of the highly acclaimed international movies that will be shown on all three metropolitan campuses. FREE entry

For more information go to:

Thursday 4th October – Multicultural Week Carnival: ECU Mt. Lawley Campus:

Time: 11am-5pm

Take some time off from work and soak in the atmosphere at this MCW Carnival!! Heaps of cultural food and accessories, Raffle Draw, International Fashion Contest, Games and back to back bands and other cultural performances on stage!!

Also, on October 4th is UWA Night Market.

Friday 5th October – Iftar Gathering: ECU Curchlands Campus:

Where: Building 13 in ECU Curchlands

Time: 5:45pm – 8:30pm

Also, on October 5th is Curtin’s Night Market.

Saturday 6th October – Aroma Café Cup of Nations

Aroma Café Cup of Nations 2007 is ready to rumble! Catch your mates from UAE, Zambia, France, Zimbabwe, China, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, Botswana, Canada, Malaysia, and many other teams representing their respective countries, battling it out for the title “World Champion” at ECU. Tournament takes place at Joondalup Sports Field from 9am-6pm. Carnival atmosphere ensured, with deejays drinks, food and great entertainment. Check out for the team draws and groupings.