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Zakat Calculators

October 20, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Ramadan is almost over and it is time to think about Zakat Al Fitr. For more information about Zakat Al Fitr go here:

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of Zakat al Mal. For more information on that, go here:

Also, I hope that the following xls sheet is helpful for Zakat Al Mal. Click POWER VIEW To view the xls sheet and edit it.

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Have you received an invite?

October 15, 2006

If you received an invite to become an author on, please accept it and contribute to our site. 

Here is what the email looks like:


Dear Your Name,

To be able to become an author on, you need a wordpress account.  Here’s an invitation to create an account. I have added you as an author on

You have been invited to open a free WordPress weblog.

To accept this invitation and register for your weblog, visit

This invitation can only be used to set up one weblog.

The WordPress Team


Click on the link and you will be taken to this page:

Make sure you choose a unique name for username, put in your correct email address and most importantly choose “just a username, please” option.

After you click next, you will see this:

Then you will receive another email:


To activate your user, please click the following link:

After you activate, you will receive *another email* with your login.

You will then presented with your login and password for! (at last!)