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Why Have I been Created? – Lecture – UWA – 12 Sep. – 3-5pm

September 12, 2009

As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum and peace be upon you,

Like countless millions before you, you must have asked yourself such
questions as: Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I doing in this
world? Where do I go from here, from this seemingly earth bound
existence, and what is my purpose, if any?

These are questions about life and about the meaning and purpose of life.
These are questions about the universe and our place in it.

The answers you give to these questions help to shape your worldview.
Your worldview is not only the way in which you see and explain the
world and your place in it, but it affects the way you think and the
way you act or behave. Your worldview shapes the quality of your life.

In the long history of mankind, there have been many different
attempts at explaining the purpose of humankind. As believers in God,
Muslims have suggested that the purpose of man is to worship Allah
(God) , as mentioned in the following verse:

“…I have created humankind …  that they may worship me….”
(51, 56)

…does it then suggest that the Almighty is in need of our worship.
This, though, would be an obvious contradiction of the Islamic belief
in Allah being absolutely Self-sufficient, Independent and

If, on the contrary, the answer be no, then it would seem that mankind
serves no purpose at all.

What then is the purpose of the creation of man?

Furthermore, if man was created for worship then why was he granted
the freedom to choose not to do so, and even to deny the very
existence of Allah himself?

What then is the nature of humankind and what, if anything at all,
makes us so unique?

How also are we to understand the nature of the relationship between
humankind and Allah?

You are cordially invited to an open lecture to explore these
pertinent issues from an Islamic perspective on Saturday the 12th of
September at the UWA Geology and Geography Lecture Theatre 2. Time:

All of our previous lectures are up on the website, in high quality
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