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October 10, 2007

Over a billion muslims have been busy all month long denying lower selves and nuturing spirit in an environment free from temptation, whisperings and contamination. The land of our bodies has been made safe (baladil ameen[95,3]) from the fire. All have used the beautiful loans (qardan hasanat[73,20]) of Faith (imaan) and Life (hayat), and have made trades that never fail (tijaaratan lan taboor[35,29]). It is nearly time for harvesting of the bounties and boons and the figs and the olives (wa teeni waz zaitoon[95,1]) that Allah Himself has promised to reward us with (wa ana ajza bihi) and maybe even personally. My God!!!

Perhaps, we may get a glimpse of having been created in the best of moulds (fi ahsani takweem[95,4]).

Before we lose ourselves in our joy, we have to remember to give the small charities that open the purse strings of our hearts in order that we are not inadvertantly reduced to the lowest of the low (raddadna huwa asfala saafileen[95,5]). Charity purifies.

The Bountiful Lord has sent down from His storehouses (khazaainuhu[15,21]) in known measure (biqadirim ma’loom[15,21]), so reap with the sickle of your good actions and charitable hearts. And give thanks.

Yunous Vagh