ECUIS is Edith Cowan University’s Islamic Society. The society has the following objectives:

  • To promote the true understanding and practice of Islam in ECU
  • To advocate and defend religious rights of Muslim staff and students at all levels of the university
  • To look after and maintain the Musallahs provided by the university for the Muslim student population
  • To encourage teaching and academic research into Islam in the university
  • To establish and maintain an Islamic Resource and Media Centre and website for the use of the university population
  • To support Islamic charitable causes in relieving poverty and social problems in society
  • To cooperate with other Muslim student associations in Western Australian universities and TAFE colleges in serving religious objectives and Islamic projects
  • To promote freedom of speech, choice and existence, by practicing peaceful co-existence and understanding

Salaam ECU an Edith Cowan University Islamic Guide for students has been published by ECU International. The guide is full of helpful information and can be obtained from ECU International or from the University Chaplain.



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  2. As’Salamu alaikum warahmatullah.

    I am a student at ECU, the Mount Lawley Campus and i wanted know how to book a lecture theatre for a lecture on Islam. Since we are affiliated with ECU, dont we have an official ECU msulim students organisation there, as well as visiting chaplains etc like how they do for other faiths? they also have imams and sheikhs that come to UWA, do we or can we also have that at ECU? I wanted to request the main person involved with the ECU muslim students organisation for a lecture on the topic of Islam in the actual mount lawlaey campus, is that possible? please let me know, i will wait for a response. the reason why I dont know much about the facilities is because I am new to ECU.

    JazakAllah khair,


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