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The English Language Growth Project

October 30, 2008

All international university students whose first language is NOT english are invited to participate in research that will be used to identify and design strategies that will assist their english language skills.

The research is in the form of questionnaires, focus group participation, interviews and discussion boards. All collected data will be kept confidential and private details will be de-identified to maintain annonymity to researchers. As an incentive all participants will be given an entry into a competition for the prize of an i-POD nano 8GB (one per university).

Interested persons should complete the online questionnaire at

Furher queries may be directed to Denise Mulligan at or Professor Rhonda Oliver from ECU at


New Items

October 28, 2008

Assalaamu alaykum wrtwbt,

Some new items have been added to the website. 

On the Main Menu an item called What is Islam? This article describes Islam as a way of life. It came about from a request for an interfaith camp involving different religious groups.

Within the downloads category, the new item is the Quran Reciter Software which is free Quran, Hadith and Azaan software from the SearchTruth organisation.





Shawwal – keeping the feeling

October 7, 2008

Shawwal is already under way for a week now. After a month of experiencing the two joys at the iftaars, Eid was celebrated. What a Ramadaan it was!!! For some of you it would have been your first Ramadaan away from home and from the place of your birth. And I am sure you would not have been able to hold back the tears, especially when someone you are acqainted with or who stood alongside you in prayer,  embraced you on Eid day. What a wonderful feeling is that joy mixed with longing and sadness. A juxtaposition of emotion, zen like and an opening for insights.

I heard something strange on Eid day. Someone said to a brother that Ramadaan had passed away (guzergay). At the time, I was amazed at the word that was used to describe the passing of Ramadaan. Later my emotional self wanted to be like Hazrat Umar r.a and say that Ramadaan cannot die, even though my rational self felt like Hazrat Abu Bakr in knowing that seasons come and go and a new Ramadaan is only 11 months away. My spirtual self wished only to immortalise the Ramadaan and make all the months to be like Ramadaan. My lower self was secretly thankful that my wish will not be realised. But that did not matter, because I felt and knew that I was renewed and transformed and all my uglinesses were gone.

Then I started to remember from all parts of myself that I could keep the memory of Ramadaan alive, so I opened my Quran and read Allah’s words again half (nisfahu), a third (thulthahu) and a part (juz). And I asked and begged Allah, my Lord not to let the love of Himself ( and His prophet Muhammed saws) slip from my heart, after He has guided me. I linked myself to His Beloved and asked what he (saws) asked for and sought immunity from the things that he (saws) sought immunity from. And I implored Allah, the Ever Living and EverLasting, By His Mercy to set right all my affairs and the affairs of the community, and not to leave me alone to myself even for a moment.

 So lets keep this feeling and fast the 6 days of Shawwal and see if we can still get that fragrance of the beloved friend that is Ramadaan. InshaAllah. Perhaps, we will be fortunate enough to be visited by him again next year.


Love in Allah…. Y