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Knowledge and Desire

March 16, 2008

Following on from the beautiful story on “knowing what it is that you want“, there are two concepts that should not escape mention. They are balance and justice.

One cannot simply ask for whatever one’s heart desires and expect a response from Allah if one believes in Divinity, or Nature if one believes in the secular secrets such as the Law of Attraction as per the new-age materialisms. Granting of supplications and belief in positive thinking has to be tempered and balanced by knowledge and by the justice that is brought about by Love and Hate.

Every human being must understand his/her limitations. Love is a positive emotion and while it can make us feel good, it’s beneficial effect is dependant upon the thing that is cherished. Hate on the other hand is a negative emotion and while it may make us feel bad, it’s deleterious effect is also contingent upon the object of hatred.

Allah swt, says in His Holy Quraan, “It may be that you hate a thing and it is (actually) good for you. And it may be that you love a thing and it is (actually) bad for you. And Allah Knows and you do not know.” (Asaa an takrahu shayan. wa huwa khairul lakum. Wa asaa an tuhibbu shayan, wa huwa sharrul lakum. Wa Allahu ya’lamu wa antum la ta’lamoon [2,216])

to be continued…

Yunous Vagh