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Barbecue Report

December 24, 2007

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Alhumdolillah. According to all accounts the event was a success. We thank Allah.

The event was well attended, although less than expected. The event was scheduled to begin at 12.00pm. However the barbecue got under way just before 1.00pm. The food was excellent and everyone seemed to have a great time socializing and meeting others. Some left at around 5.00pm whilst many left before Maghrib.

InshaAllah, this will not be the last. It is hoped that many students will get involved in the future events.

Special thanks to Abdullah, Haithy, Marwan, Yunous (family) and Ahmed (family).


Farewell/Welcome Barbecue

December 15, 2007


Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Assalaamu alaykum wrtwbt,

Dear All,

Alhumdolillah, it has been decided to have a barbercue to farewell those students who will not be returning in 2008.

At the same time we wish to welcome those students who will be joining us for the first time.

And for all the other students, to make them feel part of the student and general Islamic Community.

All non-students are welcome as well.

Date :     23rd December 2007

Time:     12:00pm (daylight time)

Venue :  Burswood Park, Rivervale

RSVP:    email reply

Menu: Barbecue Meat, Sausages, Chicken, Salad, Drinks

Admission : Free!

This event is being organised by Yunous, Marwan and Abdullah. I encourage you all to reply by Wednesday (18th Dec 2007) night the latest in order to cater accurately for the numbers InshaAllah.


World-Wide Qibla Locator – Based on Google Maps

December 2, 2007

Enter the address, city, zipcode, state/province, or country from where you want the direction of the Qibla to be shown and click ‘Search’.