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Exams, Commitment and Success

October 19, 2007

Alhumdolillah. A short story about trials and commitment. Idries Shah, a celebrated Islamic Spiritual teacher and author of myriad of books narrates the parable of the two men in the desert. Both of them went their separate ways in search of water as they had become severely dehydrated.

The first man began digging holes in the sand. In his frantic search, he dug 200 one-foot holes…all to no avail. The other went about digging just one hole, but it was 200 feet deep. He found the water and achieved success. That was the trial of the desert and of steely will.

It is much the same with all the trials we face in life. Now most of you face examinations soon. Commit yourselves. Put in the hard work. Then put your trust in Allah and leave yourself in need of His blessing. Like Musa a.s. after the hard work, you are entitled to say,  Oh my Lord, I am need of whatever you send down (Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer[28,24]).

And when Allah begins to inspire you, be patient and  say oh my Lord, increase me in knowledge (Wa qul Rabbi zidni ilma[20,114]).

As a slave, one is entitled to everything from your Lord. So remember who you really are.

Yunous Vagh


ECUIS.INFO is back!

October 18, 2007

The domain name is back. A while ago, some problems with “A Records” on the domain name controller prevented the domain name to point to but the problem is now fixed and a big thank you for the people who emailed us to let us know about this issue 🙂


Eid Mubarak

October 12, 2007

Alhumdolillah, the time for celebration has begun. We all have been successful. And Allah is bestowing upon us reward without hinderance (ajru ghairu mamnoon). All praises are due to Him alone.

We thank Allah for having removed our worries and sadnesses (hamm wa huzun), and for our inabilities and laziness (ajza wa kasal), our inaction and miserliness (jubn wa bughal ) and we ask to be protected from overwhelming debt (ghalabatid dayn) and the tyranny of men (kahril rijaal).

We thank Allah for His favours, knowing that our gratitude is inadequate. And we ask Allah to bless His Beloved Muhammed saws and his family, offspring and companions to the end of time.

We also ask Allah to give us the ability to worship and praise Him as He desires. Ameen.

ECUIS wishes each and everyone a joyous celebration of Eid, especially to those international students whose families are far away.

Yunous Vagh



October 10, 2007

Over a billion muslims have been busy all month long denying lower selves and nuturing spirit in an environment free from temptation, whisperings and contamination. The land of our bodies has been made safe (baladil ameen[95,3]) from the fire. All have used the beautiful loans (qardan hasanat[73,20]) of Faith (imaan) and Life (hayat), and have made trades that never fail (tijaaratan lan taboor[35,29]). It is nearly time for harvesting of the bounties and boons and the figs and the olives (wa teeni waz zaitoon[95,1]) that Allah Himself has promised to reward us with (wa ana ajza bihi) and maybe even personally. My God!!!

Perhaps, we may get a glimpse of having been created in the best of moulds (fi ahsani takweem[95,4]).

Before we lose ourselves in our joy, we have to remember to give the small charities that open the purse strings of our hearts in order that we are not inadvertantly reduced to the lowest of the low (raddadna huwa asfala saafileen[95,5]). Charity purifies.

The Bountiful Lord has sent down from His storehouses (khazaainuhu[15,21]) in known measure (biqadirim ma’loom[15,21]), so reap with the sickle of your good actions and charitable hearts. And give thanks.

Yunous Vagh



October 3, 2007

I am reminded of the verse where He says, “ and do not say about a thing that you will do it tomorrow, rather say InshaAllah” (Wala takool anna li shayin inni faailun zalika ghaddan, illa ayya shaa Allah[18,23]).  I mentioned that more will follow on the topics of Forgiveness and was not able to produce on the morrow myself.  Anyway the time has flown and we are already in the last ten (Ashar). So fast has time flown.

In these days, after Mercy and Forgiveness, we are given an assurance that we shall not taste of the Inferno. Then as an extension to His special Grace He places a hidden gift in these last ten nights (layaalin ashar[89,2]). What can be more magnanimous a gift than the Night of Power? And what can convey to (us) what the night of Power is ( wa ma adraaka ma laylatul Qadr[97,2])? It is a trascendence of Time. One night better than a thousand months (kharum min alfi shahar[97,3]). A taste of immortality simply because we have believed and fasted.

A single moment that will transform us into different creatures (khalkan aakhara[23,14]), the spiritual beings that we really are, whose nourishment is with our Lord (inda rabbihim yurzakoon[2,169])

Indeed we bore witness another time in the world of spirits. Will we be able to die to ourselves and be witness to His Lordship again? Nay, we bear witness (Bala shahidna[7,172]).

Yunous Vagh


Multi-Clutural Week’s Events for Perth Universities

October 1, 2007

Wednesday 3rd October – International Film Festival – Edith Cowan University:

Catch some of the highly acclaimed international movies that will be shown on all three metropolitan campuses. FREE entry

For more information go to:

Thursday 4th October – Multicultural Week Carnival: ECU Mt. Lawley Campus:

Time: 11am-5pm

Take some time off from work and soak in the atmosphere at this MCW Carnival!! Heaps of cultural food and accessories, Raffle Draw, International Fashion Contest, Games and back to back bands and other cultural performances on stage!!

Also, on October 4th is UWA Night Market.

Friday 5th October – Iftar Gathering: ECU Curchlands Campus:

Where: Building 13 in ECU Curchlands

Time: 5:45pm – 8:30pm

Also, on October 5th is Curtin’s Night Market.

Saturday 6th October – Aroma Café Cup of Nations

Aroma Café Cup of Nations 2007 is ready to rumble! Catch your mates from UAE, Zambia, France, Zimbabwe, China, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, Botswana, Canada, Malaysia, and many other teams representing their respective countries, battling it out for the title “World Champion” at ECU. Tournament takes place at Joondalup Sports Field from 9am-6pm. Carnival atmosphere ensured, with deejays drinks, food and great entertainment. Check out for the team draws and groupings.