Ramadaan, the first 10 days

September 15, 2007

Alhumdolillah, we are well into the first 10 days. It is all Mercy.  Worship is easy as is His Promise. Allahs desires for us Ease, and He does not desire for us hardship. (Yu reedu Allahu bikumul yusra, wala yureedu bikumul usra[2,185])

He has written for Himself Mercy (Kataba rabbukum ala nafsihir Rahmat[6,54]).  And in this first 10 days, all we shall have is His mercy, whichsoever way we turn (fa aynama tuwallu[2,115]).  And when we realise that over a billion of us partake of this blessing can we begin to understand our failure to comprehend His Mercy.

So Glory be to Allah, for the number of his creatures (adada khalkihi). Glory be to Allah for the pleasure of His Self (rida a nafsihi). Glory be to Allah for the weight of His Throne (zinata arshihi). Glory be to Allah for the ink of His Words (midaada kalimaatihi).

And Peace and Blessings to the Beloved of Allah, Muhammad saws.

And by His words and His Beloved as extensions of His Mercy, we ask Allah to grant cures for all those who are ill.

Yunous Vagh


One comment

  1. Salamu alaikum;

    what’s the authencity of the Hadith on the first ten days of ramadan, the second ten and the last ten?

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