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The Merciful Reminder

November 30, 2006

Have you seen those who enter (not) houses through their doors?(2,189).
Like thieves in the night, the man thief and the woman thief
Have they not been asked, “Do you not know, that Allah sees?(96,14)”

They speak of understanding and interpretation, yet their tongues lie.
“Or do they say about Allah that which they do not know”

Inventing lies about
Him. No success for them (16,116),  just a little enjoyment now.

They must be reminded, for a reminder benefits believers(51,55).
A word has to be said to them, that reaches within their souls(4,63),

They are to be told that Allah is He that provides Sustenance, Possessor of the Invincible Might (51,58).

Before they face the exemplary punishment from Allah(5,38).
Of being cut-off, both of them! the thief and the liar.
And Allah is All Exalted and Wise(

Yunous Vagh

In dedication to sh Taj after reading his full lecture. 



1001 Inventions By Muslims!

November 20, 2006

Please visit the following site and be proud of our Muslim inventions and inventors 🙂


Superstition SMS

November 15, 2006

I recently received a SMS from a good friend. It started with some of the beautiful names of Allah. And followed with a statement that says “Allah never fails.” Then it requested that the message be forwarded to 9 people to receive good news by tomorrow. If this was not done, 9 years of bad luck was to be the result. Finally it closed with a statement that said, “this has been proved to be true”! 

My dear brothers and sisters, If you get such a SMS, or something similar, please desist from forwarding it. This is superstition and religious blackmail. This SMS request has all the hallmarks of the work of shaytaan. A good action has been mixed with a bad one. (khalatu amalan saalihan wa aakhara sayyian)[9,102]. This is damaging to belief.

Allah does not need our worship. We are in need of Him. He is Merciful and would rather have us come to Him willingly than by compulsion, least of all this sort of blackmail.  It must be remembered that “whatever good comes to thee is from Allah, and whatever evil befalls thee, it is from yourself”. (Ma asaabaka min hasanatin fa minal Allahi; wa ma asaabaka min sayyi atin fa min nafsika) [4.79]. 

At the time of the salman rushdie affair, the great man, sheikh Taj said, “Islam is like a great tree, when stones are thrown at it, fruit falls.” So what good can come out of this? Well, we could deal with the originators of this work within the following concepts. 

1.        Upon them be the evil misfortune (Alayhim daairat sow e )[9,98] – according to the retributive Mosaic Law.

2.        We could leave the affair to Allah ( Wa u fawwidu amri illal Allah)[40,44] – in conformity to the Isawi tradition.

3.        We could ask forgiveness for the originators and ask forgiveness for ourselves for having been part of it due to our own ignorance (… iza fa alu faahishatan ow zalamu anfusahum, zakurul Allaha fastaghfiru li zunubikum…)[3,135]. – in conformity with Islamic Perfection. 

Know that when you desist from forwarding such an SMS, you are sure of your action with a “knowledge of certainty” (ilmul yakeen) [102,5]. Your non-involvement in this jahilya is part of your certainty of your Iman. In fact in some ways, the originators have done us a favour by testing our Iman before the crucial tests that may follow and have given us the opportunity to strengthen it.  Undoubtedly, this will not be the last of the messages. At least we know what to do with the others, with no doubt in our hearts. Thanks to Allah. 

Yunous Vagh


The Road to Recovery

November 12, 2006

In these troubled times we trace,
Talk to each other we must, in grace.
Qawlan, Layyinan as Musa with Pharoah did, face to face.

The example of Muhammed, prophet of Allah.
Ruhama baynahum, Ashiddaa humal Kuffaar.
Take heed must we or with Allah to endure, no liqaa.

Mistakes we make, forgiveness we seek.
In our lives, week to week.
Day to day, the door of Allah is there to stay,
Forever open to all who pray.

Rabbigh firli warhamni.
In the footsteps of the prophets and the beloved Ummi.
Who told us that our Lord, Rabbi.
About Himself declared, Anni, anal Gafoor rur Raheem.
Wa anna Azaabi , huwal azaabul Aleem.

In this we see, that there is No God but He.
To Him we set course, no compulsion and cohersion free.
In all of this it is asked, what more could be given to Thee?
Greater than this road to recovery.

Yunous Vagh


Muslim Students Association Statement regarding Dr. Ameer Ali

November 6, 2006

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.
Assalaamu alaykum wrtwbt.
Dear brs/srs,

The following is a report on a meeting held with Dr Ameer Ali concerning the newspaper report in October.

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Seeking Clarification

November 4, 2006

On Thursday 2nd Nov 2006, three msa representatives from WA universities visited Dr Ameer Ali in his office at Murdoch university.

The reason was to touch base with him concerning the recent October report about his ‘interview” with a reporter which was published in “The Australian” newspaper. The report was derogatory and depicted the prophet saws as having flaws, the quran requiring re-interpretation, the imams being out of touch and the general muslim public being simply “blind” followers.

An Islamic protocol of mutual respect was observed during the visit. Dr Ameer Ali received us warmly and the meeting proceeded respectfully and lasted about an hour and a half. A report of it will soon be published. InshaAllah.


The True leader

November 2, 2006

When you have passed through the mill of personal experience.
When your mind has been cooked through the heat of deliberation.
When your heart  has been softened from the tears of sorrow.
When your psyche has been seasoned by the ocean of your spirit.

And you have declared to your Lord, that you are needy of whatever He sends down (28,24).
When the only saying is Peace, Peace (56,26).
Only then are you able to be offered on the altar of the Divine.
In the service of mankind.

Yunous Vagh